Friday, August 1, 2014

{sew-along} Woollen Vest 11-16th August

In celebration of my FREE WOOLLEN VEST pattern, I'm running a sew-along.

To join in with the sew-along you will need to:
~ Join my facebook group
~ Join the EVENT
~ Download the pattern HERE
~ Follow along with the schedule, I will be posting in the event each day.
~ Upload a photo of your vest (made during this sew-along week) to THIS ALBUM

Here is a blog button
If you write a blog, I would love you to write up a post about your vest

FREE PATTERN {Woollen Vest 12m-6years}

I'm happy to say that my latest pattern has just been released...And its FREE.

Here in New Zealand we have the most  gorgeous woollen blankets available, if you are lucky you can find them second hand for a very decent price.

These blankets can be used for many different things, not just as blankets. and here are some gorgeous handmade items that I just love that have been/and are sold on Felt.

 Whale Hottie Cover / P.J. Case Purple/pink/Aqua tartanToasty Warm Up-cycled Hot Water Bottle Cover..... pure wool vintage blanket


This pattern evolved from the vests I made Brylie and Portia during KCW, hence the size group being 12months-6 years as these are my girls sizes.

 So if you have a blanket lying around that isn't being used for its "normal" purpose, then hurry up, download the pattern and get sewing.  You will get compliments everywhere you go.  My daughters love their vests and we always get asked where we got them from.  Brylie proudly announces "My mum made it"

So, if you make one, I would love to see it, add it to my Flickr group and post in my facebook group or on my page.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 7 ~ Colour Blocking Muscle Singlet

Wow, I made it to day 7!!!

7 days, definitely more than 7 hours and 13 items. If I had stuck to the 1 hour a day, it would be 7 hours, but I just cant do that.  I spent a heap more than that...but I don't mind because I love it am addicted!!

It looks quite impressive when its all laid out.  (missing is one pair of hip hop harems and a vest) 

Elijah's haul!! 6 items in total (1 pair of harems given away as he refused to wear them. dinosaurs are very scary didn't you know, they might eat you!!)

Brylie scored 4 items.

and poor little Portia, only managed to get 3 items made for her...ah well she gets heaps when I'm delevoping a new pattern as its easier to make in a smaller size!

Day 7:
Pattern: Singlet pattern from yesterday (which is in the design process now and will be in testing soon)
Size: 4 years
Fabric: Black is a re purposed t-shirt of my husbands and the red is a t-shirt of mine.

Today I made Elijah another singlet like this one, and this time I tried my hand at some colour blocking.
and I was surprised that it actually wasn't too hard.
I just cut the front piece out of the red top and cut out the section I wanted to be black.  then I used the red piece I wasn't using and laid it on the black and cut around it, adding seam allowances where needed.
Then all I had to do was sew them together and voila, I had a front piece to work with.
This T-shirt was a prize my husband won, it was a conselation prize to a big prize of a boys weekend away...which he didn't win.  But I reckon it makes the cutest singlet for Elijah and I'm not sure if Jonny even wore it so its pretty much brand new.  

I love the back <<>>

 We had a lovely walk around Mt Maunganui this afternoon/evening, and a climb around on the rocks.  My cheeky boy is getting really good at letting me take photos.  He really gets into it now.

We also found a few rocks that were perfect for a "posing" shot!! 

At the end of the walk the kids enjoyed a nice play in the sand until the sun went down.  What a fun afternoon.

I'm going to be modifying the pattern a wee b it tonight as its not quite perfect yet.  What I want to do is 
~ Lower the front neckline
~ Reduce the thickness of the ribbing
~ Add a few more cm to the length so I can do a double turned in hem.
~ Lift the shoulders up 2cm so that they sit on top of the shoulder rather than hanging over it. (though in saying that I really do like this cut and it keeps the sun off those little white shoulders)  So I'm thinking there will be to armhole cut lines in the pattern.

 Fun playing with their shadows.

Thank you for checking out my KCW sewing adventure this season, be sure to check it out next time.  I will most certainly be joining in again.  Its so much fun.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 6 ~ Shorts and top sets

I was rather ambitious today.  I made Brylie and Elijah a whole outfit each!!! (well I cheated a little and started Brylie's shorts last night)

Day 6
Pattern: Elijah's Shorts (free pattern here) Muscle Singlet (One of my new patterns in the works)
Size: 4 years in both
Fabric: Shorts - woven from my stash / Singlet - re purposed t-shirt of mine.

 I've been wanting to make Elijah some muscle singlets for a while so this morning I quickly drafted one up using another of my patterns as a base.  I love how it has nice wide shoulders and neck is not too low.  Some singlets can be a tad skimpy for my liking.

I used an old t-shirt of mine, well it wasn't that old but it was plain and boring and I'm trying to put a bit more colour and print into my wardrobe.  It was a Glassons top, size 12 and fit the pattern perfectly.  I got the body and the ribbing pieces out of the one top.  Bonus.
I also cheated a bit and used the existing hem but on one will know by looking at it.

For the pocket I used a scrap from the shorts, and I'm so glad I did, it spruces up the singlet and was a GREAT HIT.  Elijah specially loved the little digger/crane button I added.
For the shorts...I have shorts patterns, and I was planning on making him some panelled shorts, however I thought it would be nice to use someone else's pattern for a change.  I googled "free boys shorts pdf"  and clicked on images.  This one popped up.  It is only a few sizes (sizes 1, 2/3, 4, and 5/6) but it is SO simple.  One pattern piece to cut and only 6 seams to sew!!! how easy is that?

The only thing I found wrong with it is that when you cut your size, you cut off the writing that said what size it was...the 4 years was on the outside of the pattern, not on the inside.  But that is not a major problem...there are things called pens!

Now onto Brylie's outfit.

Pattern: Brylie's Shorts are the Sweet'n'Sassy Bubble Shorts / Her top is Estrella
Size: 6 years in both
Fabric: Shorts - Homespun, the same as Portia's Shorts /  Top - Vintage panel for MIL and homespun to match.

For Brylie today I decided that I wanted to make her some shorts like the ones I made Portia on day 5 I really love the simplicity of them in the plain blue, and it goes perfectly with the vintage panel from my Mother in law.

I chose the Estrella to match the Bubble Shorts but because of the panel size it has turned out a little long and you cant really see the shorts unless Brylie lifts it up.  I did the lace-up back which is perfect for a growing girl.

I had a teeny stripe of floral from around the edge of the panel so I used that to embellish the bodice, and break up the PINK explosion.
These are exactly the same as Portia's, I do so love matchy matchy with my girls.

I really do love this pattern and can not wait till summer when I can make both my girls some more pairs.

 Super comfy by the looks of it, I want a pair for myself...Haha. not sure my husband would be too keen.
Instead of gathering the straps on the top, I did cute little pleats.

 One more day to go with KCW, have you joined in?

I havn't really got into the kids art theme, it just hasn't come to me...ah well, I'm pretty pleased with what I've made so far.

Friday, July 25, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 5 ~ Vintage Set for Portia

Well, we are up to day 5 already and my house is a tip...I'm sure the lounge was tidy last night, and look at it now.  And that is only from the 1 hour the kids were up in the morning before heading out to school/preschool.  HOW DO THEY DO IT???

And does anyone else's kitchen look like this?  Please, please, please say yes, and make me feel not so bad.
(actually this is my kitchen on a good day - I'm so embarrassed)

Anyway, away from my messy house and on the the awesomeness that is DAY 5
So we are stuck in winter, down here in New Zealand, but it will start warming up, soon I hope as we are steadily running out of wood for our fire.

Day 5
Pattern: Sweet'n'Sassy Bubble Shorts and a self drafted flutter dress/top pattern I've had written down for ages.
Size: 12-18months for Portia
Fabric: Homespun for the shorts and sleeves, Quilting cotton for the top section of the top and a vintage panel/boarder print from my MIL for the bottom section of the top.

I love my bubble shorts pattern, it looks fabulous over cloth nappies and has been designed as such.  Super big pockets that kids just love and Portia is no excpetion...She calls them her "boggets" which is pocket in Portia speak.

The simplicity of the homespun with the cute bow and matching top just make the most beautiful set and I cant wait till summer when Portia can wear these out and about.

The flutter sleeve is full and floaty, something every little girl needs.

This set was made in around 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  I didn't time myself, but I went down to start sometime after 9 m and came up around 11am.  I don't usually get to sew at this time of the day as Portia is very busy, however she hasn't had a day sleep for the last 3 days and today was awake at 5:30!!!

Well, she must have been so tired because she fell asleep on the way home from dropping Brylie at school...9am! Wow. so I took the opportunity to sew now before she woke up...(and while I type this at 11:46am - she is STILL ASLEEP)

She loved the pockets and promptly filled them with her duplo animals.

It was so cold and windy but she was a trooper, halfway through, my phone died so we needed to swap to the camera, then the battery died, so I'm happy with the photos I got.  She is such a cheerful wee girl (well I would be after 3 hours sleep this morning - she woke at 12)

I must say I love this little outfit and can't wait for summer.

Joining in with KCW 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 4 ~ Matching Vest for Brylie

Day 4
Pattern: Graded up this pattern
Size: 6 years
Fabric: From my stash, a woolen blanket and some knit from a random bag!! you know you have those too!!

As soon as I posted the photos of Portia in her vest I realised that I have chanced on a winner, and I knew I had to grade it to Brylie's size.

So that's what I did last night and today I made the vest.
The whole time I was cutting and sewing, Portia was trotting around me saying "Portia's, Portia's" meaning she recognized the fabric and the style, and that it was exactly the same as her one....She thought it was hers.  
And I don't blame her...its exactly the same!! apart from the buttons.

She even helped me with the sewing process and fiddled and tuttued until I couldn't do anymore with the "help"  
Don't you just love those little pig tails?

I'm not very happy with the photos that I've taken.
I didn't see Brylie until after dinner because after school she had dance and drama, then had dinner with her grandparents so she got home after 6:30 and by that time the light was well and truly gone.

So we were stuck with inside photos. blerg, I'm going to try and be very organized tomorrow morning and take some nicer ones.

Ok, so I'm editing to add in the gorgeous photos I got this the freezing cold.  It was so cold you could see the girl's breath!!!
But they didn't seem to mind, and Brylie loves her vest so much she has taken it to school to be her "NEWS ITEM" for the day...aww happy feelings for me!

And where would a photo shoot be without #photobombingportia  I knew she would want to be in the photos too so I made sure she was dressed the same as Brylie.

It was so nice seeing the fun that the girls were having together during these photos.

I just love this one.  She how Portia's hand is on Brylie's knee, and Brylie's had is on top of Portia's aswell as protectivly around her.  Shes being an awesome older sister.  Its moments like these I need a tissue, as my eyes are welling up at the love I can see in this shot.

Well enough of the lovey dovey, I can happily say that I LOVE these latest shots, and I hope you do too.

You can see the rest of my KCW makings here

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