Friday, February 6, 2015

{Kids Clothes Week} Day 4

Day 4

I really don't know if I will ever catch up...I wonder if I can cheat and call these day 4 and 5, as there are 2 pairs!

These are my kiwiana undies pattern for Portia (lucky girl is getting all the goods this season)  
I made her the size 47cm hip size, a perfect fit.

I used two little size 1 sundresses which were the same pattern but a different colour way.

The crotch is nice and thick as it is two layers of cotton lycra, which is good for little potty training ladies, these two pairs are consequently in the washing machine as they were tested to see if they would hold!!! haha.

Sewing along frantically trying to catch up, with KCW.
are you sewing along too?

{Kids Clothes Week} Day 3


I'm still playing catch up, but I'm getting there.  Today I have made some little peasant dresses, however this time I've added a twist.  

They are not for my children....

Just recently I saw this facebook post, linking to this blog starting an initiative to gather 100+ dresses for children in Cambodia who need dresses.
I thought, hey, I can do that, peasant dresses are quick and simple to make and easy to embellish, and well, I've got quite a bit of fabric sitting around.

I pulled out a gorgeous duvet cover that I have had sitting for ages and it's just perfect.  I got 4 dresses out of what was left.  x3 size 2 and x1 size 4.

I used my Flutterby Peasant Dress Pattern but Sophie also has a link to one on her blog.

This size 2 looks a bit big on Portia, but bear in mind she still wears a 12-18 month in this pattern.

Joining in with KCW

Thursday, February 5, 2015

{Kids Clothes Week) Day 1 & 2

Well, I'm playing catch up with KCW this season, I'm woefully behind but last night I made up two little pairs of pants for Portia.

Honorary Day 1

The first is a pair of jegging shorts, from an old pair of jeggings a friend gave me to up-cycle. I used my Skinny Legs pattern and cut them inbetween the shorts and knee length.  I made the size 12 for my skinny bum Portia.
I stuffed up the waistband so I ended up adding an exposed elastic one which actually looks really good.  Itsn't it funny how mistakes can sometimes turn out better than the actual plan!!!

I managed to fussy cut so the pockets were on the back of the shorts, and the line on the front that you can see is actually the side seam of the jeggings.
I found the exact same colour thread so that was a bonus.

Honorary Day 2

The second pair of pants I made were using my trusty Peekaboopocket pant pattern.  I use this pattern SO MUCH.  I made the 18 month with the 3-6 month length.

For the fabric I used this top.  It was a nice cotton lycra with these funny puffy flowers all over it.  lovely fabric but as a top, just a bit much.  
I cut off the collar, which I used for the cuffs.

Joining in with KCW
kid's clothes week

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

{PATTERN RELEASE} Peekaboopocket Mix&Match Outerwear

Yay, I've finally updated, added to, extended and improved one of my very first patterns.  The Peekaboopocket Vest pattern.

I have gained so many more skills since I first started designing patterns and the pabp vest has been weighing on my mind to be redone.  The main part I wasn't overly fond of, was the wide gap between the ends of the hood.

Now that I have been designing for over 1 year I can confidently say that my sizing has been perfected and my grading is SO MUCH BETTER.

This new vest/hoodie is a similar fit to the Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection with one major difference in being the SSSC is a RAGLAN style sweatshirt and the new pattern isn't.

Lets look at the options in this new pattern VS the old pattern

Wow, as you can see there are quite a lot of differences.  Have I convinced you yet that it's a great pattern?  Good for all seasons, and easily customized to your child and climate.

You can purchase it HERE and its on sale until tomorrow night.
Go on you know you want to.   

I'll leave you with some of my tester photos.

and if you do purchase and make a vest or hoodie, I'd LOVE to see a photo.  Join my group and share your creations using my patterns.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

{PATTERN RELEASE} Skinny Legs 12m-14years

Yay, the SKINNY LEGS pattern is finally released.  You can purchase it here.

But first lets look at the details.

12m-14years (the 14 even fits me, score)

Good quality cotton lycra, anything with a good stretch, I even made Portia a pair with stretch denim and the ruched sides.  I would however go up a size in the width if I were to do this again.  And one tester even made them in stretch lace and they look so cute.

4 lengths, 2 waistbands, 2 styles (ruched vs plain)

I want to thank my amazing testers, most made multiple versions/options/lengths and for that I am so grateful as this means the pattern has been extensively tested thus making it as perfect as it can be!!

 3/4 length

 Ankle length

 Ruched panel option

lace, knee and shorts length

get the pattern here on CRAFTSY and ETSY

Saturday, November 8, 2014

{Blog Tour} Pimp that Pattern ~ Day 6

Rebekah from Rebekah Sews is another awesome tester of mine.  She started testing when her daughter was only little and she is now over 1.  

And finally we have DIY Crush with their embelished romper.

Now I have some exciting news regarding DIY Crush, Starting from NOW, I'm going to be listing some patterns with them and you can see them HERE.

Pretty exciting don't you think?

Friday, November 7, 2014

{Blog Tour} Pimp that Pattern ~ Day 5

Welcome to day 5.

Penya from An Apprentice Housewife is next on the list.  Penya has tested a few patterns for me and aren't her little girls just the cutest?  I love their matching outfits.

Check out Pipi, the daughter of  Jenny from Mend and Make New, isn't she just a yummy little pineapple.

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