Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{kids clothes week} Day 3

Day 3 of Kids Clothes Week

Pattern: My own panelled pants/shorts pattern that you can purchase here
Size: 4
Fabric: woven

So I've been meaning to make Elijah another pair of pants for quite a while so KCW provided the perfect opportunity.

It's just a pity that he was not really in the mood for pictures, even when bribed with chocolate!!!

 These shorts feature a side panel which makes them great for showcasing awesome fabrics, or if you only have a teeny bit of patterned fabric y ou can still make some great shorts by pairing it with some plain fabric.

They are super quick to sew up.  These took me about 30-40minutes sewing time, AND the kids didn't even get into mischief while I was making them.

There is the option of cargo pockets but I kept these ones simple, the next pair I will add them.  They also have the option of a contrasting waistband, which is another funky feature.

I'm very happy to announce that this pattern has been released TODAY.  It is such a cool pattern, and it also comes with the pant length aswell...They are perfect for boys and girls and the girls version have a cute little bow version

BUY IT HERE in my craftsy shop.

I also have to share a the little photobombing Portia!!
She just HAD to have her photo taken too!!
and how could I refuse?


  1. Came over her from KCW. How fun to have found a NZ blog. I'm always on the search for blogs from all over the world. Adding right away to my blog roll...

    1. Welcome Annika, I'm glad to have you, do you know how excited I was to see I had a comment??? Funny eh.


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